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**ALL NFA LAWS APPLY** AOW's are a RED Stamp $5 Transfer Tax!!!!

The roots of the Aklys Defense Pugio PEN-15 AOW .22LR or .32ACP pen gun are traced from the Pugio dagger carried by Roman soldiers whom used it as a sidearm. Much like the Pugio (plural: pugiones) of old, the Aklys Defense Pugio provides a light and concealable device for use when in distress or for fun. Julies Caesar probably could have used his own Aklys Pugio when the conspirators stabbed him in the back.

From $450 each, comes as 22LR and secondary caliber conversions are optional!

Even customize the aesthetics of your PEN-15 and get spare buttstocks, custom buttstocks, or different barrel options! All Pens ship in the standard configuration, options are additional and not open for substitution as to not delay your form 3/4 start!

The standard PEN-15 has threaded barrels for both available calibers and a thread protector included at no additional charge! Other cosmetic options and features will be added soon and your Pugio will be up-gradable at a later date even after you have taken delivery.


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Our devices are built to exceed Military Specifications to ensure that you get the best quality, reliability, accuracy, and performance out of your NFA item.

We back every item with a full lifetime warranty that you will never have to use to give you peace of mind that you are getting the very best.

As all Aklys Defense products we design and build what we would want as shooters and NFA enthusiasts ourselves, as such, modularity, upgradability and robust products are the name of the game.

Every Pugio Pen-15 AOW is custom built by us. It is available in 22LR or .32ACP or both and others with upgradability and conversion at any time by the user.



**ALL NFA LAWS APPLY** AOW's are a RED Stamp $5 Transfer Tax!!!!

***Do not carry the Pen-15 loaded!!!


Pugio PEN-15 AOW Pen Gun

  • Product Code: Pugio AOW .22LR or .32ACP Pen Gun
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  • $450.00

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