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  • 40mm "Dropping Bombs" Service Dog Aid


Tired of buying the cheap, fragile, plastic fire hydrant or dog bone baggie dispensers that break on the first day? Pick up your service dog's or puppy's land mines with a baggie dispenser that fits your style and is literally bomb proof.

We take a real 40mm projectile, most commonly used in the MK-19 full-auto grenade launcher, and turn it into a doggie bag dispenser that will never break on you.



Made from Type III hard anodized aluminum and black nitrided ordinance steel.

550 cord and a Grimm Lock keeps it where you need it.

Store twist ties or training/rewards treats in the "Shell case" base.

Features an actual copper drive band.

Works for the diaper bag for your little "Operator" too

(All 40MM dispenser sides will be gold)


(Recommended to go with the Original S.O.E. Diaper bag) ! http://www.originalsoegear.com/products/original-s-o-e-diaper-bag


Patent and License used with permission of TactiPup, (c) '14,'15,'16,'17.


40mm "Dropping Bombs" Service Dog Aid

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