Aklys Defense AKSV Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle "Velociraptor"

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IN Final Beta testing currently, MSRP $4285,  early adopter discount and a super swag pack is now gone!

Aklys Defense AKSV Integrally Suppressed AK Rifle "Velociraptor"

The AKSV is a change in thinking about the AK platform and integrally suppressed rifles as a whole. The Velociraptor utilizes the standard AK self-regulating gas system but captures all gasses including chamber gas and expels it out the front (note the pictured "snout" and gas dumps) and away from the shooter in a controlled manner. You will get no cloud of gas in the your face like you will experience with other suppressed platforms and suppressed AK pattern rifles. The recoil on the AKSV is the lightest impulse you'll ever feel due to the gas regulation and braking effect of the suppressor.

We utilize a special 1 and 7 twist barrel blank with our own custom profile and nitriding for extended life.  It is designed to stabilize both the heavy subsonic rounds and standard ammunition.  Standard velocity rounds will retain enough velocity to make the rifle effective for "social" work needed.

The AKSV utilizes a modular suppressor and our special short gas piston system. Comes standard with Magpul AK MOE buttstock, pistol grip, 2 magazines and a custom forend.


This is a custom firearm and as such will have build delays, but it allows us to configure your rifle how you want it. Want a side folder, its not problem for us to make those additions while building the rifle from the ground up. Want your AKSV built using an AK rifle you already have or a custom paint job, feel free to contact us. Let us know how wild or mild you want your Veliciraptor built!


A note about the unconventional front appearance: the AK receiver is rectangular so we continued that shape to maximize volume for best suppression and shortest length possible. It does not make the front end heavy and is actually more balanced than a standard AK platform rifle.

The AKSV comes with an optics ready picatinny rail or RMR base adapter for red dot instaltion.

The AKSV IS TWO (2) NFA items, an SBR and a Suppressor. All NFA items require a $200 tax.  Must ship to an FFL/SOT in your state.  All federal, state, and local laws apply.



Weight : 7lbs 15oz (6 oz lighter than a standard AK)

Barrel length:     9.33"

Tube Length:      12" 

Over All Length: 32"

Material: 17-4 Stainless and Nitrided 4340

DB Drop: over 27 DB with no gas in the face



MSRP $4285:  Early Adopters will receive the option of a Custom Serial Number, plus, an Aklys Defense Velociraptor Shirt, and custom soft sided case and a discount of $400 with Deposit of $1785 with remainder due at time of shipping. Once the initial 10 guns are sold price goes to full MSRP of $4285.



 Please specify color Black , OD Green +$55, FDE Cerakote +$55 or add a Custom Cerakote color +$100 in the notes when ordering.   Contact us via email for other options before ordering.

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