Aklys Defense Ruger 10/22 Quiet Rifle Conversion

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The Aklys Defense CCI Quiet 10/22 conversion.


Can't have a suppressor in your jurisdiction? Don't want the expense or extra responsibilities of a suppressor?


This is a great rim fire option for super quiet performance in a semi auto rifle! The video link below shows a Ruger 10/22 rifle with 20" barrel with our Quiet conversion, a new 16" barrel Quiet conversion rifle and a custom built "regular" 10/22 rifle with a suppressor to illustrate the phenomenal performance of our conversion!

We modify the bolt, recoil and reciprocating systems for reliable functioning of the CCI Quiet ammunition (40 grains at around 800fps in the 20" barrel), the fire control and hammer is slicked up and modified along with a bolt buffer added to quiet the action noise and allow the use of standard velocity ammunition.

The 20" barrel rifles work best but the Quiet conversion can be done on any barrel length. Standard 18.5" barrel carbines work well, as also do 16" barrel models, but does not provide as good sound performance as a 20" berrel model. The 16" barrel is perfectly hearing safe in an outdoor locations though.


Conversion prices start at $270 on a customer provided gun, including return shipping, or we can build up a new complete rifle built to your specifications. We have a one to two month turn around time on these.



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