ZK-22 Bolt hold lever Retrofit

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ZK-22 Bolt hold lever Retrofit. Allows you to engage and release the factory bolt hold. Also works with aftermarket auto bolt releases.

The lever functions as the polymer removal guide and template (see video below for instructions) to retrofit your ZK-22 to operate the factory Bolt hold open. You need to be pretty handy to install this into your ZK-22.





Below is Aklys Defense ZK-22 Bolt Hold Retrofit instructional video. DO NOT ATTEMPT UNLESS YOU ARE MECHANICALLY INCLINED, there is no warranty for self installation. We will gladly do the install for you for no charge if you ship us your stock and select return shipping option above! We will hold your lever till we receive your stock. If you feel that the installation wont be successful when you receive the lever just send it to us and pay return shipping.


We can NOT and will NOT replace a mis-installed or damaged body shell without charge ($118.00).


If in doubt and you want one, let us install it for you! Send us a copy of the paid receipt, your drivers license, and either the complete gun or just the Left side shell and that will save a few bucks on shipping! Our shipping address is and on the contact page. Make sure you insure and package it well, a replacement left half is $118.


Send your parts To:

C/O ZK-22 Bolt hold install

 9683 Mammoth Ave

Baton rouge LA 70814



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