BIHM Brake, Big Bore Muzzle Brake

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The BIHM Brake, Big Bore Muzzle Brake is designed to provide for superior muzzle control and allow for faster follow up shots for your larger .45 to .50 caliber Rifles and hand canons! The Big Bore Muzzle Brake utilizes gas deflecting technology with large Slant-D ports to counteract muzzle rise and porting to dump the gasses that create felt recoil. In other words, this brake will reduce split times and works great for controlling full auto fire. We use this brake on our .458 AR's for more control. Made from 4140 Steel, black nitride coating for the best in wear resistance and lifetime durability. Available in 3/4X24, 11/16X24,  5/8x24 for Large bore .40 and up to .50 Caliber

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