Aklys Defense Atlas 338 Lapua Caliber User Servicable Suppressor

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The Aklys Defense Atlas .338 is our .338 caliber user serviceable suppressor. This Super heavy duty suppressor uses a double threaded interface and a modular blast chamber for light weight (22oz) and super high Volume for outstanding suppressed performance, it is built to withstand use on magazine fed machine guns and rated up to .338 Lapua and down!


The Atlas .338 also functions as a superb multi caliber suppressor, allowing use on multiple hosts from .338 Lapua mag and .338 Ultra Magnum down to 5.56mm. The double threaded 17-4 stainless and Future Proof (TM) construction with integrated blast baffle gives 10-12% better performance than Inconel giving this suppressor a lifetime of use and it user serviceable design allows use of extensive subsonic and un-jacketed lead projectiles without fear of clogging up the baffles. Minimal and consistent point of impact shift compared to and unsuppressed host and typically increased accuracy!. 


This is a 338 Lapua and ULTRA MAGNUM rated can!


Utilizes and includes a direct mount Ultra-Efficient 3 port muzzle brake available in 11/16"X24 and 5/8"X24, add a compact Aklys QD brake and mount system for other Calibers or utilize any industry standard X375/HUB/OMEGA/KEYMO compatible mounting system,




Calibers: UP TO .338 Lapua Magnum ,Ultra magnum calibers and Down

OALength - 8"

Diameter - 1 3/4"

Weight -22oz. with Stainless tube

Materials - 17-4 series Stainless Steel with reinforced Future Proof Blast chamber

Finish – Raw Heat Treated, Bead Blast Grey , or Black Nitride w/ GunKote

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